Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spoilerboard v2.0 update now with trailer info!

Massive Trailer 1 Update brings the spoilerboard up to version 2.0!

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Notes for PDF version 2.0
WOW! What a trailer! It seems the more we see visually, the more confidence is building that the rumored plot is pretty accurate, at least through the first two Acts. While the structure of the plot remains pretty much in tact, the trailer struck a few suspicions in my mind. 

For example, despite Rey's amazing piloting skills with the Falcon, is it possible she's never flown it before? Previously it seemed she must have, but now I'm not so sure. Rey is clearly sad but is she really stuck on Jakku? Is she trying to leave or is she waiting? hmm..

The trailer also tried really hard to make you believe that Luke and R2 are in the village scene when Kylo's shuttle descends. The embers, lighting and fire all seem identical! We know this scene was even filmed in the same physical location, but is it connected or a flashback? I'm still listing Luke and R2 as a flashback because it looks like Luke is in a rocky cave, not a sandy dune - but still - what if the trailer is implying that Luke is nearby when Kylo attacks the village?! Interesting.

Then there is the shot of Kylo appearing to speak to the mask. We knew this was in the film, but it now seems even more likely that Snoke is just a voice in Kylo's head and I still wonder if Kylo doesn't believe that he's actually speaking to Vader's ghost. Is Kylo being manipulated? Does he know what really happened to Vader or is he delusional? Several people who are spoiler free have asked me if Kylo is Luke based on the trailer and poster. They sure want you to think that, but I'm still in agreement that Luke is at the very end.

Hearing Han talk to Rey as if they don't believe his story was great! Although it makes me start to wonder if Han really knows who Rey is or not. It's possible that he doesn't figure it out until Maz's castle. 

And what is up with the seven Knights standing in the rain over the dead (padawans?)? Is that Kylo Ren or the previous Ren wearing a similar getup? If this is a flashback, how far back does it go? It seems unlikely that at Kylo's current age, he would appears to be the same size 10-20 years ago unless that trailer image is Kylo as a teenager. Hmm...

The Resistance base - is it on Takodana? Some say it is... but we also hear it is on the moon of Yavin IV. The mountains and sky look the same, and there was a rumor that the hidden base is on the other side of the planet, unbeknownst to the First Order - which is how they're able to attack and save the day, thus tipping their hand. But there's some oddities about how Poe appears to be prepping the Black X-Wing while Poe walks towards the falcon. Is the transition from Castle rescue to assault on First Order base done quickly? Is the Starkiller in orbit of Takodana and preparing to fire? Maybe. It would explain the urgency and the emotion on Leia's face. 

And the lightsaber duel! Does Kylo kill Finn? It sure looks bad... jury is out, but rumor says that he's bested but alive at the end. Maybe he's just in bad shape. Yet, those tears on Rey's face sure tell a sad story. They sure want you to think that Finn is a gonner.

Other details
  • Increased confidence in many scenes from Act 1 and 2. Act 3 continues to be hazy and deliberately hidden from the trailer. We get to see Starkiller base X-wing assault, but not much else. No characters are seen in the base, and we know that they end up on the planet, so confidence in specific details remains shaky in Act 3, although some details seem heavily rumored.
  • Adding all the new screen captures from the trailer.
  • Updated Finn's approach to the Trade Port.
  • De-emphasized Rey's previous familiarity with the Falcon.
  • Updated details of Finn and Poe's escape back to the Jakku surface.
  • Broke out the flashback sequence with Maz now that have some dialog and images of the seven. 
  • Improved the approach to Maz's castle.
  • Updated the Resistance base prep for assault scene.
  • Updated lightsaber duel.
  • Added dialog from the trailer to appropriate scenes.
  • Fixed several typos and improved story structure.
Stay tuned as we get closer every day to a fully confirmed plot! 

May the Force Be With You,