Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spoilerboard v4.0 - Final Pre-Release Update! You've waited long enough, here's the confirmed plot to the entire movie.

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Last update Dec 17 1:05am PST

We've had many requests for older version of Spoilerboard. If you're like to see how close we were back then you can view our old presentation on the Emaze site. It is from v1.03 in Aug. 

And if you're looking for a REALLY old version, you can check out v.1 from May.

Keep in mind that Spoilerboard is an archive of old rumors - anything posted in the board was presented at some point in the past. Not all rumors proved true, but many did!

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Notes for PDF version 4.0
What an amazing journey this has been! After a year of speculation and months of careful archiving and deduction, what started with v1.0 has blossomed into this final rendition of the fully leaked plot of The Force Awakens.

Through the careful consideration of fans, great intuition and deduction by lore experts, and some killer leaks from the set, those who've followed the Spoilerboard have known most of the film's movements for months now.

But now it is complete!

As of this version, we're marking the plot with 99% confidence. Plot facts have been confirmed and backed up with images and vetting from moviegoers. What you are about to read is what you'll see when you go to the theaters to watch this amazing film. The are a few details and dialogs which are still fuzzy as people's memories differ, but everything critical is here for you to be completely spoiled as you go into the film. This is the closest thing you'll get to a novelization prior to sitting in the theater.

It wasn't easy getting to this point. One of the biggest changes we've had to make as we drew closer to the film was deleting many scenes that were definitely filmed, but apparently not in the final cut. We expect these scenes to either show up in a Director's Cut or as special features when the movie releases for home viewing. We understand the edits, but hope to see them someday.

In closing, we can't thank the Star Wars community enough. This has been a fan effort since day one. We've never had to place ads on our site, remaining solely supported by friends who've spoiled us rotten. Sitting underground, overnight at Star Wars Celebration as we waited for the big panel, chatting with the many loyal fans of this movie into the wee hours of the night was one of the highlights of this journey. 

For everyone who emailed in details, shared arguments, or supported us along the way, THANK YOU! 

We look forward to many more years of speculating on Star Wars films together. 

May the Force be with you, Always!


p.s. Big Thanks to DarthLightlyBruise, Jason Ward, and Bobby Roberts (aka BigDickRichie)

p.s.s. A HUGE Shout out to the /r/StarWarsLeak subreddit. The best place to refresh, ever.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Spoilerboard v3.3 - The Force Awakens Movie Premiere edition - New info!

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Last update Dec 16 5:15pm PST

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Notes for PDF version 3.3
The movie premiere is upon us and legit info and leaks from those who were lucky enough to get into a screening is starting to hit the web as well as some great new details from books that have made it onto shelves earlier than planned.

From here on out, the spoilerboard will be making minor adjustments as plot points are solidified. We'll keep a change log on this page as we make edits and tweaks over the next 48 hours.

Overall, the plot has remained as we've known for months, but there are a few new details that have required edits. Things like R2 being shutdown, backstory on Han and his new freighter, info about Maz and her relics, as well as some specifics about Hux and the First Order base itself. 

These snippets have been added as interstitial pages throughout the plot as editor's notes to provide backstory about upcoming scenes. 

Changes 3.37
  • Adding dialog from Han/Kylo confrontation taken from this video (heavy spoiler!!)
  • Images of Starkiller firing
  • Removing Jakku chase
Changes 3.36
  • Adding details to Han/Kylo confrontation
  • Adding details to Rey/Kylo confrontation
  • Adding details on demise of Phasma
Changes 3.35
  • Updating full plot to 98% confidence. This has been confirmed by multiple sources.
  • Added images of Snoke, Luke
  • Added dialog from several scenes.
  • Sourced from this spoiler review, this clip, and this clip
Changes 3.34
  • Removing page by page confidence - going with full plot 95% confidence. This is looking to be very close to what is being reported by those who've proven they were in attendance. 
  • Adding more details from Rungario and Aeck.
  • Removing Unkar from Maz Castle
  • Removing two scenes from trailer not shown in film
Changes 3.33
  • Adding in details from premiere movie goer barrygibbFan who also corroborates the Pastebin leaked plot by Darth Viller.
  • Added reference to Kylo as Ben
  • No Luke dialog
  • added dialog at Han's demise
  • Moved talk to Vader helmet to act 3
  • Cleaned up some details with Finn on Takodana
  • Starkiller explodes
  • Removed reference to sledgehammer weapon
  • Improved confidence across the board
Changes 3.32
  • Removed some big images to cut down on pages
  • Added editor's notes to final scene
  • Added images of rathtars climbing on Falcon
  • Additional image format tweaks
Changes 3.31
  • Removed reference to "Ben"
  • Added info on Kylo from VD
Changes 3.30
  • First line in the film and opening crawl edits
  • Details on Poe trying to fire on Kylo at village attack
  • Info on Han's backstory as well as a shot of the Freighter
  • Rework of the flashback scene into more of a Force Vision
  • Info on Hux, Snoke, and how the Starkiller works
  • Condensed last scenes of Luke to stick with bare minimum details to we know more
If you've seen the film or other spoilers and have info that can help make this community effort more accurate, DM @Spoilerboard on Twitter or Facebook.

We'll have a full confidence summary up as soon we can verify the entire plot. It's only a matter of hours at this point!

May the Force Be With You, Always,

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Spoilerboard Update v3.2 - Tons of new details pouring in!

Premier Update Incoming! Stay Tuned! 
Seen the movie? Have info? PM @Spoilerboard on Twitter or Facebook.
Last update Dec 14 8:45pm PST

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Notes for PDF version 3.2
The latest international trailer was chock full of great new visuals and dialog. It is really starting to spice up the flow of the storyboards but there is still so much more that we still don't know.

The biggest news is a potential look at Snoke, appearing as an almost marble statue white with some sort of damage across half of his face, even more extreme than Palpatine's transformation to the Emperor's wrinkles. 

We've also added some great new images from upcoming Star Wars books that confirm several points in the plot, including the knowledge that Rey is aware of BB-8's mission and that it relates to Luke Skywalker.

Lots of new details have emerged around the Freighter scenes with a visual of a giant rathtar as well as the first of two crazy Han Falcon stunts - jumping to hyperspace while still docked. (the other jumping to Starkiller Base's atmosphere and subsequent crash landing)

Thanks to all the amazing fans out there who are finding and sharing these details. Big personal thanks to the lore expert himself, Bobby Roberts from NeoGaf for his efforts to bring you here (not to mention Snoke!)

Other details
  • Plot details daily as they get leaked 
  • New images from the International ZN trailer
  • Shots from several Force Awakens books
  • Great new details on the Freighter scene
  • Some epic pics added as intersitials
We are so close! Expect lots of minor updates as the information keeps pouring in. 

We'll have a full confidence summary up as soon we can verify the entire plot. It's only a matter of days at this point!

May the Force Be With You, Always,

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Spoilerboard v3.0 - This is it! The closest thing you'll read to a novelization before the film's out!

High Confidence Across The Board!

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Notes for PDF version 3.0
After the last update, Disney and Lucasfilm kicked it into high gear! When it sounded like "you're getting one trailer and that's it!" turned into, "you get one theatrical trailer, but look at all these TV spots and specials!" There's been so many things released in the last two weeks it has taken this long to compile and process everything into a script.

Then along comes a second source for the shooting blocks that formed a major basis of most site's speculation about the plot. This doc has led to further confidence across the board as well as tons of details on Act 3 that were previously hidden.

Overall this has lead to one of the biggest edits and overhauls of the Spoilerboard since we started compiling plot rumors earlier last year.

What it has yielded is what we believe to be the closest thing you're going to get to an accurate plot outline prior to the film's release. Sure there might be a few details off here or there, but overall we believe this is it. If you read 3.0, you might as well have read the novel adaptation prior to seeing the film. We think it is that close. Act 3 still has confidence ratings of 50% on average, but that's because we only have one source of the info, but that source has been solid on everything else thus far. Other sites like MSW have been using this shooting outline for the plot and we have always agreed with them for the most part. This is as legit as we're going to get. 

That said, there's bound to be a few more nuggets of joy just prior to release. Someone might actually see the film and confirm or deny aspects. We might get a sneak peak or two at some of the hidden info - for example - what does Snoke look like? Will we ever get a really good picture of Maz? Maybe, but not likely.

So if you're ready to read the plot and get a sense for what you're going to see Nov 17, read away - and do send us comments here or directly to T_H_G on /r/StarWarsLeaks.

Enjoy and thank you for sharing the fun of Star Wars with us.

Other details
  • Tons of new images across the board. If it's been shown, it's probably in here.
  • Lots of edits to Act 2 around Maz's castle. There's some oddities with Finn and Quiggold, but we're going with it until we hear otherwise. Sequencing of the shots is much cleaner through this act. 
  • Act 3 is almost an entire rewrite or edit. Tons of new sequencing and finally a flow that makes sense with the shots shown. It flows much cleaner with the imagery now, and reinforces that we've actually seen major points from Act 3 over the last few TV spots. 
  • Added more dialog and cleaned out sections that were lingering at low confidence. There were some thing that seemed right, but just don't have strong evidence. We'll expect surprises, but for now, the spoilerboard is about as spot on with the leaks as possible.
  • Added "baby girl" dialog to end of act 3.... JUST KIDDING! I loved that rumor...
Only a few more days to go. Grab your tickets and get ready for one great movie. Last year this time, I was a huge skeptic, not believing that they could pull off something that could be both fresh and new, yet have he flavor of the OT. They've won me over big time and I can't wait to see the film.

May the Force Be With You, Always,