Friday, November 6, 2015

International Trailer Update 2.1

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Notes for PDF version 2.1
That sneaky JJ! "No more trailers"... well except this new international trailer!

While there were a lot of scenes from the previous trailer, the new shots added were superb and once again increase confidence across the board as well as add a few new details.

It was our first real shot of Rey and Finn interacting and developing a friendship. It showed Rey and BB-8 bonding as orphans on Jakku. There was some sliced together dialog to lead us to believe that Rey is waiting for her family! 

There has been a persistent rumor that Rey honestly believes that she was abandoned on Jakku and told that her parents would come back for her some day. If we are reading this new dialog right, then it points to the fact that Rey could probably leave Jakku if she wanted to, but chooses not to because she wants to reconnect with her family.

The subsequent rumor is that Luke is the one who left Rey on Jakku after the appearance of the Knights of Ren in order to protect her and that he either mind-wiped her or told her adopted father to tell her that her family would be back for her someday. That adopted father might be Lor San Tekka, or it might be someone else - we just don't know yet. Sarco Plank? Surely not!

When Rey finally does reconnect with the father that she may or may not remember, it will be a tearful and emotional moment for sure. Mark Hamill will not disappoint.

We also got our first look at Chewie in action! But again, this also gives more credibility to the Act III sequence of Kylo looking for the heroes and Chewie throwing out a furious growl and blowing things up real good over what happens next. Unfortunately, we're notching up the confidence that a certain figure doesn't make it out of this movie. 

There were also a few shots of Leia in the Resistance Base with a beat up Poe in the background, so we're adding a scene to show the exposition of Poe returning from Jakku and the Resistance decided how to spring into action. 

Overall, a great new look at more details in the story. The plot is looking pretty solid across the board, but please do continue to take Act 3 with a grain of salt - we just don't know yet.

Other details
  • Increased confidence in several scenes.
  • Adding all the new screen captures from the international trailer.
  • Added scene of Finn arriving in port and tracking down Rey, BB-8 nearby.
  • Added scene of Poe returning to the Resistance and giving a report.
  • Placed dialog in logical locations in the plot, but this is mostly guesswork. 
Only a few more weeks! We will continue looking for any new details that we can use to shape up the story. Thanks for your support. 

May the Force Be With You,



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