Sunday, November 8, 2015

TV Spot 1 Update - Spoilerboard v2.2

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Notes for PDF version 2.2
Just a few days after the International Trailer and we already have some more new insights!

It might not be a new trailer, but the new UK TV spot has a couple great tidbits, some fresh dialog, and a few enticing images from Act III.

The dialog from Maz is the most moving and sets up Maz's eyes as having a special characteristic and perhaps why she wears goggles. She seems to be talking to Rey in this spot and we feel this is a prelude to describing the events of the past, having seen Rey's eyes before in someone else - most likely Luke. This is all seeming to add up to Maz being a Yoda-like role in the film, albeit not a Jedi Master, for that Rey will need to find Luke. 

We also get to see Rey showing off her willingness to use her staff to kick some butt for the first time.The recipient is either a random ruffian on Jakku or perhaps Unkar's Thug as seen in the Lego kit. Is that big hat fellow in the background Constable Zuvio? 

Han and Finn on the surface of Starkiller Base planet is also a great shot and lends support to the notion that Finn and Han are on the rescue mission while the battle above the planet is pending. They seem to be in a quiet calm before the Resistance forces descend to attack the base.

There's also a great shot of the Falcon bursting through what appears to be the same set of snowy trees we saw get blown to bits in the Trailer. Some speculate that this may be the Falcon fleeing the destruction of the base, but if Chewie rescues Rey and Finn at night, the Falcon appears to be flying through the trees in the day. So we're placing this shot as the emergency landing for now. The explosion would then be continuity to show the same spot getting torched later in the film, not unlike watching the Shield Generator and Landing Platform on Endor explode in the same shot we previously saw Luke handed over to Vader. 

Other details
  • Increased confidence
  • Added new TV spot images to appropriate scenes
  • Finally added Lor San Tekka as name of vicar
  • Added new book images for Lor San Tekka and Finn at gun turret
  • Updated Resistance Base learning of Poe's fate to match Moving Target Epilogue
  • Updated Rey fight with vendor to Thug picking a fight to better match new scenes
  • Snuck in the latest concept art for Snoke
  • Moved shot of Chewie from Int'l trailer to the Guavian Enforcer scene
  • Added Maz dialog from UK Trailer to "vision" scene
  • Added Rey dialog to marketplace chase
It looks like we might be getting more little sneak peaks than we thought if this keeps up! We will continue to address feedback as well as any new details. Thanks for your support. 

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  1. The whole "Finn forced to kill his squad mate" thing seems far fetched. I think rather he was forced to execute an innocent person back on Jakku.

    1. While it is certainly plausible that Finn has a run in with Phasma in the village, there is clearly a scene with Phasma and Finn in the back of the troop carrier back at the Star Destroyer docking bay. Phasma has her gun drawn, and Finn is scene taking his bloody helmet off with heavy emotion. There doesn't seem to be any other place for this chronologically. Matched with Phasma's dialog, it seemed more likely that the exchange does seem to take place back at the base in the back of that carrier. Whether or not he's forced to kill a squadmate is questionable, yet Phasmas dialog points to something like the described scene happening.

  2. Also Princess Leia isn't called "General Leia" she's just called "The General".

    1. From the quote, it looks like she's referred to simply as "General" much like Picard would be called "Captain". We'll make some edits to make this clearer.

  3. I'm interested to hear your thoughts as to what the fiery scene with R2/Luke's hand is. It looks a lot like the fiery Jakku scene, but it wouldn't make sense for Luke to be there? I'm thinking it's a flashback of the Knights of Ren abducting a young Kylo in order to use his force for the dark side. This may also be the part where Luke realizes he has to get away from his daughter to ensure her safety. So he says goodbye to R2 and goes into hiding.

    1. R2 is the key. Unless R2 sneaks out of the Resistance Base, this scene is either before the movie or at the very end - most likely before.

      Luke is rumored to have started a Jedi academy to fulfill his destiny to pass on what he's learned, only to have the Knights of Ren show up and slaughter everyone.

      So the scene in question could be R2 and Luke at a funeral pyre for the slaughter. R2 is beeping sadly as Luke puts a comforting hand on R2's head and slowly bows in sorrow.

      Was Kylo a student of Luke's or already with the Knights? If the Knights in the rain seen is also the past, then perhaps Kylo was already a knight before the attack on the academy (could also be a dread pirate roberts thing and we're seeing the OLD Ren in this shot).

      If Rey is Luke's daughter then it makes sense Luke would hide her on a backwater desert world to keep her safe from the Knights - it seemed to work for him as Vader never found him. This means that Rey is waiting on Jakku for her family (Luke she may or may not know) to return. He never does.

      So is Luke afraid or scheming? He seems to be biding his time, keeping Rey safe from afar, yet trying to figure out how to stop the Knights. Who can help him but another Force user? He must wait for the time to be right. He's probably getting to old for this sort of thing.

      If this is all true, then it is the source of Rey's struggle - her father the hero abandoned her and never came back and she ends up finding him and being conflicted about her destiny and overwhelmed with her role in the future. Sounds very familiar and a great launching point for future films.

    2. Sound likes janica and jacen to me yeah borrow alot from books