Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spoilerboard v4.0 - Final Pre-Release Update! You've waited long enough, here's the confirmed plot to the entire movie.

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Last update Dec 17 1:05am PST

We've had many requests for older version of Spoilerboard. If you're like to see how close we were back then you can view our old presentation on the Emaze site. It is from v1.03 in Aug. 

And if you're looking for a REALLY old version, you can check out v.1 from May.

Keep in mind that Spoilerboard is an archive of old rumors - anything posted in the board was presented at some point in the past. Not all rumors proved true, but many did!

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Notes for PDF version 4.0
What an amazing journey this has been! After a year of speculation and months of careful archiving and deduction, what started with v1.0 has blossomed into this final rendition of the fully leaked plot of The Force Awakens.

Through the careful consideration of fans, great intuition and deduction by lore experts, and some killer leaks from the set, those who've followed the Spoilerboard have known most of the film's movements for months now.

But now it is complete!

As of this version, we're marking the plot with 99% confidence. Plot facts have been confirmed and backed up with images and vetting from moviegoers. What you are about to read is what you'll see when you go to the theaters to watch this amazing film. The are a few details and dialogs which are still fuzzy as people's memories differ, but everything critical is here for you to be completely spoiled as you go into the film. This is the closest thing you'll get to a novelization prior to sitting in the theater.

It wasn't easy getting to this point. One of the biggest changes we've had to make as we drew closer to the film was deleting many scenes that were definitely filmed, but apparently not in the final cut. We expect these scenes to either show up in a Director's Cut or as special features when the movie releases for home viewing. We understand the edits, but hope to see them someday.

In closing, we can't thank the Star Wars community enough. This has been a fan effort since day one. We've never had to place ads on our site, remaining solely supported by friends who've spoiled us rotten. Sitting underground, overnight at Star Wars Celebration as we waited for the big panel, chatting with the many loyal fans of this movie into the wee hours of the night was one of the highlights of this journey. 

For everyone who emailed in details, shared arguments, or supported us along the way, THANK YOU! 

We look forward to many more years of speculating on Star Wars films together. 

May the Force be with you, Always!


p.s. Big Thanks to DarthLightlyBruise, Jason Ward, and Bobby Roberts (aka BigDickRichie)

p.s.s. A HUGE Shout out to the /r/StarWarsLeak subreddit. The best place to refresh, ever.


  1. One scene that wasn't in the movie regarding Rey and BB-8 was this bit:

    "A local peacekeeper, Constable Zuvio, steps in to break up the tussle. After settling the issue with the Constable, she heads back to her dwelling, keenly aware that the dastardly Unkar would like nothing better than to get his hands on her new droid."

    1. There were quite a few scenes that were filmed or heard in trailer that appear to have been cut from the film. Make us wonder if we should expect a director's cut edition at some point.

  2. Do you have links to the previous versions? It would be interesting to look back at what some of the guesses were

    1. We do have all of the versions archived. Once the dust settles and we start looking forward to the next movies, we'll post links to the versions. For now, you can go to our old host EMAZE and see an early version:

  3. Kylo doesn't fall during the collapse - the ground collapses between them, and you can plainly see him on the ground on the other side before she turns and runs.

  4. I will turn to this website for the NEXT ONE!!! You were dead on!!!! Start your research now for episode VIII!!!

  5. TFA..I agree, great up till luke's light saber is found.. what's with the pee taking of the guard when 'the force' makes a comedy of him drop his gun?? Are we meant to believe in the force or not? (With regards to the movie). And another thing, all of a sudden the force can be achieved without training?! Is it better than the last three? in parts. Did abrams waste a ton of chances in making what I thought was an ok movie a really great one..yes he did. Why put a movie together with a great feel for the original, succeed in doing that and then fudge it up. Why show luke at the end of the movie? When r2d2 come out of 'power saving mode' I expected him to appear. What's with hans son being all powerful in the first part of the movie and then the scavenger girl kicking his ass after zero training with a light saber? The list is endless..pity