Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Spoilerboard v3.3 - The Force Awakens Movie Premiere edition - New info!

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Last update Dec 16 5:15pm PST

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Notes for PDF version 3.3
The movie premiere is upon us and legit info and leaks from those who were lucky enough to get into a screening is starting to hit the web as well as some great new details from books that have made it onto shelves earlier than planned.

From here on out, the spoilerboard will be making minor adjustments as plot points are solidified. We'll keep a change log on this page as we make edits and tweaks over the next 48 hours.

Overall, the plot has remained as we've known for months, but there are a few new details that have required edits. Things like R2 being shutdown, backstory on Han and his new freighter, info about Maz and her relics, as well as some specifics about Hux and the First Order base itself. 

These snippets have been added as interstitial pages throughout the plot as editor's notes to provide backstory about upcoming scenes. 

Changes 3.37
  • Adding dialog from Han/Kylo confrontation taken from this video (heavy spoiler!!)
  • Images of Starkiller firing
  • Removing Jakku chase
Changes 3.36
  • Adding details to Han/Kylo confrontation
  • Adding details to Rey/Kylo confrontation
  • Adding details on demise of Phasma
Changes 3.35
  • Updating full plot to 98% confidence. This has been confirmed by multiple sources.
  • Added images of Snoke, Luke
  • Added dialog from several scenes.
  • Sourced from this spoiler review, this clip, and this clip
Changes 3.34
  • Removing page by page confidence - going with full plot 95% confidence. This is looking to be very close to what is being reported by those who've proven they were in attendance. 
  • Adding more details from Rungario and Aeck.
  • Removing Unkar from Maz Castle
  • Removing two scenes from trailer not shown in film
Changes 3.33
  • Adding in details from premiere movie goer barrygibbFan who also corroborates the Pastebin leaked plot by Darth Viller.
  • Added reference to Kylo as Ben
  • No Luke dialog
  • added dialog at Han's demise
  • Moved talk to Vader helmet to act 3
  • Cleaned up some details with Finn on Takodana
  • Starkiller explodes
  • Removed reference to sledgehammer weapon
  • Improved confidence across the board
Changes 3.32
  • Removed some big images to cut down on pages
  • Added editor's notes to final scene
  • Added images of rathtars climbing on Falcon
  • Additional image format tweaks
Changes 3.31
  • Removed reference to "Ben"
  • Added info on Kylo from VD
Changes 3.30
  • First line in the film and opening crawl edits
  • Details on Poe trying to fire on Kylo at village attack
  • Info on Han's backstory as well as a shot of the Freighter
  • Rework of the flashback scene into more of a Force Vision
  • Info on Hux, Snoke, and how the Starkiller works
  • Condensed last scenes of Luke to stick with bare minimum details to we know more
If you've seen the film or other spoilers and have info that can help make this community effort more accurate, DM @Spoilerboard on Twitter or Facebook.

We'll have a full confidence summary up as soon we can verify the entire plot. It's only a matter of hours at this point!

May the Force Be With You, Always,

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