Thursday, November 12, 2015

Spoilerboard Update v2.3 - Entertainment Weekly and Disney Channel Promo

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Notes for PDF version 2.3
Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican posted some excellent interviews as part of their Star Wars week promotion to launch their special double issue. 

A personal favorite were the interviews with Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Both had great insight into these fan favorite actors and how they've approached this new movie. 

In addition, there's been some great new images popping up including our first look at Rey and Finn challenging Kylo in the snowy forest outside of Starkiller base. 

There's also a great shot of Finn and Poe catching up at the Resistance base as well as a behind the scenes pic of Finn and Han in the catacombs beneath Maz's castle. Did you spot Finn holding Luke's saber? We did too! This means that Finn is either given the saber at the castle or grabs it as they flee the attack. 

There was also a great shot of Finn planning the escape with Poe outside the detention area on the Star Destroyer, clearly showing them arguing things out. 

There's been some minor edits to the storyboard as these pictures bring a few things clearer into light. We've added a sequence of Finn arriving at the Resistance base thanks to some great new footage from a Disney Channel promo showing the Falcon hyperspacing into Takodana orbit. In that same footage Finn can be seen descending the Falcon ramp into a very busy Resistance tarmac, sans grey purse and rifle (both of which he has later when he heads back to the Falcon to depart). 

Other details
  • Added new images to appropriate scenes
  • Reworked some of the Maz Castle flow for consistency with new images
  • Updated the snow confrontation with Kylo to include Rey earlier
But there's more!
It now definitely looks like today is going to be another huge day for info.

On Wednesday @Breznican answered one of @Spoilerboard's question live on Entertainment Weekly Live Radio Show. The question was, when are we going to see or hear more about Supreme Leader Snoke. 

He answered our question on air and eluded that we'll be learning more about Luke and Snoke today, stating that when he talked to Serkis, the reason they needed to do mo-cap was due to the character's size! 

And if that wasn't enough In additional ABC has some new footage coming out and Disney will have a special look on Friday.


We will continue to address feedback as well as any new details. Feel free to leave comments or suggestion you feel would improve any details of the plot. We are so close friends!

May the Force Be With You,



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