Thursday, November 12, 2015

Spoilerboard Update v2.4: ABC TV Promo and more EW Articles

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Notes for PDF version 2.4
This evening, ABC aired a new TV trailer with some great new shots during their #TGIT programming.

We got our first live shots of Finn wielding the blue lightsaber in the battle of Maz's Castle along with a First Order Trooper using some sort of electro-baton to fend of the strikes. These guys seem pretty well-prepared to fight the last Jedi! No wonder Luke is laying low.

While it didn't introduce much in the way of plot, it did add some visuals that were missing and confirmed that the Black X-Wing does make an appearance over the lakes near Maz' Castle. 

There was some great new dialog from Han saying, "you might need this" as he hands Rey a blaster before entering Maz's Castle.

We saw a few shots of Poe and Finn breaking free from the power cable as they egress from the Star Destroyer in Act I. 

Many were quick to point out our first look at who we assume is Admiral Ackbar at a table reminiscent of the planning table in ANH. Is that Donald Sutherland to the left? Hmm.. we don't think so, but it sure looks like him.

Some of the juiciest bits came from @Breznican's articles over at Entertainment Weekly, although he was also light on actual details and heavy on speculation.  

The big take-ways are that Luke is indeed missing or in hiding, possibly engaged in a noble act of self-sacrifice or possibly just waiting for the right time to strike back much like Yoda waited for Luke. There was a strong indication that Rey has been left on Jakku around the age of 5 and so it starts to point even more towards Rey being a Skywalker, left on Jakku just as Luke was left on Tatooine.

We also learned that Snoke is old, new to the story, very big, too complicated in the face to perform practically (thus CGI), badly damaged over the years, and somewhat vulnerable while being a long-term schemer. There are many that say this is Darth Plagueis, but we don't think Snoke is Sith, and Andy Serkis said that the character has morphed over the production cycle from once visual concept to something quite new. 

Other details
  • Added new images to appropriate scenes
  • Reworked some of the Maz Castle flow with 100% more lightsaber awesomeness
  • Reworked the Resistance planning session sequence
  • Added the few bits of dialog
Next up - Disney's kicking it into high gear with a special Disney Channel promo Friday Nov 13 as well as some details coming out of Disneyland's new Season of Force, with props and info on display in the new Cantina attraction. 

One day closer! 

May the Force Be With You,



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