Sunday, December 6, 2015

Spoilerboard v3.0 - This is it! The closest thing you'll read to a novelization before the film's out!

High Confidence Across The Board!

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Notes for PDF version 3.0
After the last update, Disney and Lucasfilm kicked it into high gear! When it sounded like "you're getting one trailer and that's it!" turned into, "you get one theatrical trailer, but look at all these TV spots and specials!" There's been so many things released in the last two weeks it has taken this long to compile and process everything into a script.

Then along comes a second source for the shooting blocks that formed a major basis of most site's speculation about the plot. This doc has led to further confidence across the board as well as tons of details on Act 3 that were previously hidden.

Overall this has lead to one of the biggest edits and overhauls of the Spoilerboard since we started compiling plot rumors earlier last year.

What it has yielded is what we believe to be the closest thing you're going to get to an accurate plot outline prior to the film's release. Sure there might be a few details off here or there, but overall we believe this is it. If you read 3.0, you might as well have read the novel adaptation prior to seeing the film. We think it is that close. Act 3 still has confidence ratings of 50% on average, but that's because we only have one source of the info, but that source has been solid on everything else thus far. Other sites like MSW have been using this shooting outline for the plot and we have always agreed with them for the most part. This is as legit as we're going to get. 

That said, there's bound to be a few more nuggets of joy just prior to release. Someone might actually see the film and confirm or deny aspects. We might get a sneak peak or two at some of the hidden info - for example - what does Snoke look like? Will we ever get a really good picture of Maz? Maybe, but not likely.

So if you're ready to read the plot and get a sense for what you're going to see Nov 17, read away - and do send us comments here or directly to T_H_G on /r/StarWarsLeaks.

Enjoy and thank you for sharing the fun of Star Wars with us.

Other details
  • Tons of new images across the board. If it's been shown, it's probably in here.
  • Lots of edits to Act 2 around Maz's castle. There's some oddities with Finn and Quiggold, but we're going with it until we hear otherwise. Sequencing of the shots is much cleaner through this act. 
  • Act 3 is almost an entire rewrite or edit. Tons of new sequencing and finally a flow that makes sense with the shots shown. It flows much cleaner with the imagery now, and reinforces that we've actually seen major points from Act 3 over the last few TV spots. 
  • Added more dialog and cleaned out sections that were lingering at low confidence. There were some thing that seemed right, but just don't have strong evidence. We'll expect surprises, but for now, the spoilerboard is about as spot on with the leaks as possible.
  • Added "baby girl" dialog to end of act 3.... JUST KIDDING! I loved that rumor...
Only a few more days to go. Grab your tickets and get ready for one great movie. Last year this time, I was a huge skeptic, not believing that they could pull off something that could be both fresh and new, yet have he flavor of the OT. They've won me over big time and I can't wait to see the film.

May the Force Be With You, Always,



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