Saturday, December 12, 2015

Spoilerboard Update v3.2 - Tons of new details pouring in!

Premier Update Incoming! Stay Tuned! 
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Last update Dec 14 8:45pm PST

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Notes for PDF version 3.2
The latest international trailer was chock full of great new visuals and dialog. It is really starting to spice up the flow of the storyboards but there is still so much more that we still don't know.

The biggest news is a potential look at Snoke, appearing as an almost marble statue white with some sort of damage across half of his face, even more extreme than Palpatine's transformation to the Emperor's wrinkles. 

We've also added some great new images from upcoming Star Wars books that confirm several points in the plot, including the knowledge that Rey is aware of BB-8's mission and that it relates to Luke Skywalker.

Lots of new details have emerged around the Freighter scenes with a visual of a giant rathtar as well as the first of two crazy Han Falcon stunts - jumping to hyperspace while still docked. (the other jumping to Starkiller Base's atmosphere and subsequent crash landing)

Thanks to all the amazing fans out there who are finding and sharing these details. Big personal thanks to the lore expert himself, Bobby Roberts from NeoGaf for his efforts to bring you here (not to mention Snoke!)

Other details
  • Plot details daily as they get leaked 
  • New images from the International ZN trailer
  • Shots from several Force Awakens books
  • Great new details on the Freighter scene
  • Some epic pics added as intersitials
We are so close! Expect lots of minor updates as the information keeps pouring in. 

We'll have a full confidence summary up as soon we can verify the entire plot. It's only a matter of days at this point!

May the Force Be With You, Always,

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